DOG dirt that's not been picked up by selfish owners is "everywhere" in Cardenden and a group of Beavers are hoping the village can clean up its act.

The youngsters from the 4th Fife Cardenden Scout Group are taking practical steps to avoid the mess taking over pavements and parks by providing bags.

Michelle Gray, the Beaver leader, explained: "The 4th Fife Beavers are tackling dog poop in Cardenden.

"They have noticed the amount of it laying around the village, often on their pathways, outside schools, in the community park etc.

"They want to help by reminding people to be responsible for picking up after their pets, making poop bag holders to place outside their homes, for those who have forgotten a bag whilst out with their pets.

"They will be able to keep an eye on them and refill when needed."

She added: "The issue is it's everywhere and it's a problem.

"The Beaver section wanted to jump into action and make sure pet owners 'scoop the poop'."

The Beaver colony is the first and youngest section of the Scout group for kids aged between six and eight.

The 4th Fife youngsters have recently moved back to face to face meetings at the Bowhill Centre on Wednesday nights.

Enquiries about joining can be made via the 4th Fife Cardenden Scout Group page on Facebook.