PARENTS in Cardenden have pleaded for a road to be closed during school pick up and drop off times to protect their children.

Denend Primary School Parent Council has submitted a petition to the Cowdenbeath Area Committee to close School Lane during peak times.

Parents and carers have reported numerous near misses involving cars and children and fear there's an accident waiting to happen due to the traffic congestion outide the school gates.

One particular incident, where a motorist performing a manoeuvre almost ran into two young children, led to mums and dads having to scream for the driver to stop.

Auxi Sousa, a member of the parent council and organiser of the petition, told the Times something must be done.

She said: “Over time the parent council have tried to come up with workable solutions with the headteacher and local councillors.

“In June, a meeting was organised by the parent council with the headteacher, Fife Council and Police Scotland where many short term solutions were agreed including submission of a petition to the area committee.

“The petition is requesting a Traffic Regulation Order to close School Lane during peak times to all vehicles expect residents, emergency services and delivery services.

“The parent council considered the actions of Edinburgh City Council and Angus Council who have imposed similar orders on streets surrounding some schools in their areas, due to concerns raised by parents.

“Thankfully, no accidents occurred prior to these road orders being granted. Members of the parent council believe that if a road restriction can be imposed in other local authorities, the same consideration should be given to high-risk areas in Fife and throughout Scotland."

She said the petition is to be discussed at the area committee on October 6 and they are hopeful of "a good positive outcome".

The exclusion zone would ban traffic at certain times with drivers parking on the main road and then walking the 50 or so yards to the school gate.

Auxi continued: “We are trying to address an issue that is long in the making, and finding a practical solution is not going to be easy, given that the school and its access were designed and built in different times when there were fewer cars on the road.

“We are grateful for the engagement with the authorities and hope we can find a solution. Our sole concern is the safety of the pupils of the school, and we are seeking to eliminate as much interaction with vehicles and pupils as we can.”