A CROSSHILL firm has apologised after late running "essential work" caused noise problems for local residents last night.

Next Gen Detailing and Valeting, based in the business centre, held their hands up and said sorry in a post on Facebook.

It said: "We want to take a minute to apologise to anyone we have upset by the noise last night.

"We had to carry out essential work at our unit that was expected to be an hour or so, however the problem was worse than expected and ended up taking around three hours.

"We honestly cannot apologise enough and if this could have been avoided it would have been.

"We do our best to be respectful neighbours and will continue to do so.

"We can assure you all this was a one-off and will not happen in the future, the circumstances and issues were outwith our control.

"We appreciate your patience and understanding. And once again apologies from us."

Next Gen are a vehicle detailing business that carries out everything from basic washing and maintaining customer cars to paint restoration work and ceramic coating packages.

Brag Enterprises added: "Apologies to everyone in the Crosshill area last night for the noise from the enterprise centre.

"One of our tenants had to carry out essential work on his unit and it went on later than he had hoped, finishing at 9.30pm.

"At Brag I can assure you that we always endeavour to be a good neighbour as we appreciate we operate in the middle of a residential area and would thank you all for your patience and understanding."