DUE to a move by the Football Association, Cowdenbeath season ticket holders in England now cannot view matches broadcast by Blue Brazil TV.

Blue Brazil TV’s live streaming of home games was introduced last season and proved highly popular, given that fans were not allowed access into grounds.

This season the club has continued to live-stream games on a PPV basis and many fans who are unable to attend in person have found this again to be an ideal arrangement.

Club secretary David Allan said: “The English FA has now invoked UEFA Article 48, which means SPFL clubs cannot broadcast their home games to viewers in England on Saturdays between 2.45pm and 5.15pm, when English League or FA Cup fixtures are also scheduled.

“We are required by the Scottish football authorities, because of this action by the English FA, to block transmission of BBTV in England.”

David added: “As well as subscribers to individual matches this ban will include Cowdenbeath FC season ticket holders in England.

"Thus, with effect from Saturday’s game with Forfar, matches cannot be accessed by viewers south of the border on the relevant Saturdays between the times stated.

“We will be in touch with the impacted season ticket to offer refunds as appropriate.

“We have no option but to comply, but very much regret this and apologise to our fans down south who we know have enjoyed following our club in recent times on BBTV.”