A MAN who carried out a racist assault on staff at a Kelty shop has avoided jail.

Edward Irvine was heavily drunk when he went into the store accompanied by his young children.

He shouted and ranted at shop staff, made racist comments then punched one of the store workers.

He also tried to barge his way behind the counter but his way was blocked by a security screen being pulled shut hurriedly by other workers.

Irvine, who had three children with him at the time, pointed in the face of the person serving him continually, shouting and swearing.

Irivine, 35, of Cartmore Estate, Lochgelly, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on July 11 last year, at Costcutters, Cocklaw Street, Kelty, he acted in a racially-aggravated manner towards a worker in the course of his employment, acted aggressively, shouted repeatedly, swore and made offensive remarks to him.

He also assaulted the worker by throwing baskets at him, seizing hold of him and punching him on the head.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told the court previously that the incident happened at around 8.30pm.

During the confrontation, Irvine called a staff member a “black P*ki b******” and a “black c***”.

The incident, which lasted for around 10 minutes, started with Irvine getting out of a car and entering the shop, drunk and singing, accompanied by three young boys.

Irvine began making offensive comments to a woman being served in front of him and he was warned by staff.

An argument broke out at the counter as Irvine was being served. He appeared to become more and more angry and agitated, flicking his hand towards the worker’s face.

At one point, Irvine seemed to be leaving then ran back and tried to get behind the counter but an entry door was closed, blocking his way.

A child, who had been trying to pull him away, was knocked to the floor as Irvine ran towards the counter.

He then picked up shopping baskets and threw them at a worker, hitting him.

Irvine then picked up another object and lunged at a staff member with a struggle breaking out.

Irvine’s version of events was that he became upset after a staff member had called one of his sons a “retard” after a display was knocked over.

The court was told Irvine comes from the travelling community.

The CCTV was shown in court at the previous hearing but not on this occasion before the sentencing sheriff.

Sheriff James Macdonald said he would treat the incident as “out of character” for Irvine and that he seemed to have “a pro-social” lifestyle.

He imposed a community payback order with 135 hours of unpaid work.