THE residents of Robert Smith Court celebrated the development of their wild garden and children’s play area at the summer garden party held last month.

Following the Covid lockdowns the Robert Smith Court Community Group thought it a great opportunity to get the residents of the Lumphinnans estate out and celebrate the easing of restrictions.

The weather on the day was fabulous and the turnout again outstanding.

Said the Communnity Group’s Mark Davies: “We were joined by Cllr Linda Erskine and a representative from Kingdom Housing Association; as well as Amelia Howie from Lumphinnans Community Council.

“We were also joined by our fantastic neighbours from the Lumphinnans Bowling Club. Our relationship with the club has gone from strength to strength.

“Our outstanding entertainment was provided by local Lumphinnans singer, Carly Schiavone and the community danced away with the highlight being a mass community slosh dance in the car park adjacent to our community garden - the signature tune and dance of Robert Smith Court!”

Mark added: “We continue to go from strength to strength as a community group having received grant funding this year from the 4 Winds Trust and from the Community Fund of the National Lottery.

“This funding is being used to create a wild garden and also a play and recreation garden for our community. Work has commenced on both these projects and we expect completion by the end of September. This will create more safe outdoor spaces for our community.

“It was a joy to behold our community coming together in such numbers on the day - from the old to the very young. The kids had a great time on the bouncy castle and rock painting activities.

“The adults mingled, drank and danced. The BBQ ran by our Vice-chair, Evelyn Sneddon, was outstanding. And the carrot cake provided by Cllr Erskine just delicious.

“The committee and community volunteers worked hard to make this day a great success and we are energised and committed to providing further events in the future. But this was a great relief after the hardships of the lockdown and was much needed by all. New friends have been made and our community just that little bit tighter”.