A GROUP of young children teamed up to take pride in their area recently by organising and carrying out a litter pick in Cardenden.

As reported last week by the Times, youngsters have taken the decision to clean up Balgreggie Park in Cardenden after being upset at the mess some people have been leaving it in.

Armed with black bags and a litter picker each, the kids, some as young as four-years-old, set about cleaning up the area and are hoping it will shame those who drop litter into stopping it.

One of the parents, Laura, said she hopes it encourages others to take more pride in the area.

She said: “I hope once the culprits see the paper they hang their heads in shame. Why people would dump all of this is beyond me.

“Kids aged from four to eight are wanting to tidy the park off their own backs and having to clean up after adults really saddens me.”

The kids are hoping the litter pick can become a regular event in the area.

Carol Gnassin, team leader, led the event and the kids who took part were Miller McLean, 8; Taylor Wishart, 8; Cooper McLean, 6; Leo Hutchison, 4; Brodie Gray 8; Jorgie Scougall, 6; Emilie Marshall, 5; Sadie Reilly, 4.