Boris Johnson has confirmed England's "Freedom" day will go ahead as scheduled on July 18. 

Speaking at a press conference on Monday July 5, the Prime Minister laid out plans to end almost all remaining Covid restrictions in England in less than two weeks time. 

The news comes despite a surge in Covid cases around the UK as a result of the Delta variant. 

Westminster is taking a very different route out of lockdown from that of the Scottish Government, but how exactly do the plans of Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon compare?

Here's everything you need to know...

What does 'Freedom' day look like in England?

Lockdown is coming to an end in England, and fast. 

As of Monday July 19, Boris Johnson is stepping back from state ordered guidance and instead allowing the people of England to make their own judgement on various Covid measures. 

Wearing a mask will no longer be a legal requirement, nor will social distancing. 

Instead the Prime Minister urged the population to "exercise their personal responsibility but to remember the value of face coverings both in protecting themselves and others", while Professor Chris Whitty confirmed he would continue to wear face coverings in certain settings. 

Nightclubs will make a return after over a year of closures, as will all businesses that had been ordered to close under Covid restrictions. 

Fans will also be back in sport stadiums and theatres thanks to the abolition of social distancing measures, with people in England no longer required to adhere to the one metre rule unless with someone who is self isolating or in an airport. 

Scanning QR codes in restaurants and cafes is to be abandoned, as are the rules on table service and remaining seated in hospitality settings. 

Social situations will no longer be limited on numbers, allowing weddings, funerals and festivals to return to near normal, and home working will no longer be instructed by the Government, allowing businesses to decide.

What does Scotland's plan look like for July 19? 

Each of the four nations is responsible for their own roadmaps out of lockdown, and Scotland's looks vastly different. 

While July 19 is also a key date for Scotland, the country instead aims to move to level 0, the lowest level of Covid restrictions possible in the country. 

Restrictions still remain fairly significant in level 0 compared to England's 'freedom' day, with continued limitations on the numbers of people who can meet. 

However, hospitality venues in level 0 will be allowed to return to normal licensing hours and many businesses that were forced to close can reopen, excluding nightclubs which must remain closed. 

Does August 9 in Scotland look like England's 'freedom' day? 

After July 19, the next important date in Scotland's diary for lockdown easing is August 9, when the country aims to lift many major legal Covid restrictions. 

If all goes to plan, the scheduled date will see a return to "almost complete normality" in Scotland. 

However, the plans still vary from England's, with face masks remaining a legal requirement in some settings and the Scottish Government still advising some working from home rather than an immediate return to offices.

When will Nicola Sturgeon provide an update on lockdown easing?

Nicola Sturgeon's next scheduled update on Covid restrictions will take place on Tuesday July 13.