From today, all adults over the age of 18 in Scotland can attend drop-in vaccine clinics to receive their first or second dose of the Covid vaccine. 

Pop up clinics across the country are open from today as part of a push to get people vaccinated amidst a surge in cases which saw Scotland record the highest number of daily infections ever last week. 

Here's everything you need to know about your nearest drop-in clinic and who is eligible to attend. 

Who can attend drop-in vaccine clinics? 

You can attend a drop-in vaccine clinic if you are over the age of 18 and are yet to receive your first dose.

You can receive your second Covid-19 jag at a drop-in centre if eight weeks have passed since you received your first dose. 

Where are the drop-in vaccine clinics? 

You can find your nearest vaccine drop-in clinic by going to and selecting your local NHS board. 

The vaccine clinics are mobile units operated by the Scottish Ambulance Service and will therefore go to different locations across your area on different days. 

Each health board's website will provide information on where the drop-in clincs will be each day. 

The opening times for the clinics will vary across the health boards. 

All information regarding drop-in clinics will also be posted on your NHS board's social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Are there drop-in clinics in every Scottish health board?

There are vaccine drop-in clinics in every mainland health board. 

However, there are no drop-in clinics available in NHS Western Isles and NHS Shetland.

What happens if I already have an appointment?

If you have an appointment booked but would like to attend a drop-in centre instead, you can do so. 

I already have an appointment booked, will the drop-in clinics make the queue longer?

No, there will be separate queues for people with appointments and people who are attending drop-in clinics meaning you shouldn't have to wait any longer if you already have a pre-booked appointment.