PEOPLE in Scotland have been urged to order home testing kits - even if they do not have symptoms - since April.

People can order test packages online for home delivery by following details on the Scottish Government’s website.

Alternatively, the nose and throat swab tests can be collected from covid testing centres in the afternoons or early evening.

It comes as around one in three people with Covid do not show symptoms, so can spread the virus to others without knowing.

The tests, which can be ordered here, should be taken twice a week. 

Central Fife Times:

How do I report Covid home test results?

Results will be displayed on the handheld device which comes with the test - here's what they mean:

  • One line next to the letter ‘C’, means the test is negative
  • Two lines, one next to the letter ‘C’ and the letter ‘T’, is a positive result - even if the lines are faint
  • No lines, or one line next to the letter ‘T’, is a void or invalid result

The UK Government says you must report all results, regardless of whether it is positive, and can do so here.

More information on how to carry out the test, report it and what to do if you test positive can be found on the NHS Inform website here.