A WOMAN who bought a picture album on eBay years ago is looking to track down a Central Fife family after discovering a load of old pictures inside it.

Julia Humphries bought the album around five years ago but put it to one side, and while recently packing to move out of her home in Kent, Canterbury, realised that a whole stack of photos were still inside.

Now, Julia has contacted the Times in a bid to reunite the photos with the family, but has little to go on and is hoping someone will recognise the people in the photos.

Speaking exclusively to the Times, Julia said: “I would love for the photos to be reunited with the family. They are family photos and there is clearly a happy little girl in them.

“I’m quite into oriental art which is why I bought the album but then I just put it away somewhere. I only opened it again recently and found all the pictures. Unfortunately I’ve deleted the eBay listing so can’t trace who I bought it from.”

Julia and her friend Adel, who reckon the photos are from around the 1930s/40s, have christened the young girl in the photos Betty to personify her, but would love to speak to with anyone who knew her.

The only clue is an envelope which contains the words: “This photograph was taken by me, and I give permission for it to be published in news,” with the name Hugh Smith, Mossgreen, Crossgates.

If you know who the people in the pictures are, please contact editorial@centralfifetimes.co.uk.