LONG-awaited plans for a monument at Lochore Meadows featuring the bells from two demolished churches will finally get off the ground later this year.

Cllr Linda Erskine, convener of the Cowdenbeath area committee, said the project to mount the bells of St Kenneth’s and Lochcraig churches on a cairn at the park entrance will happen before 2021 is out.

She has proposed using money from the local area budgets to support the project, which has been agreed by other members of the committee. This will finally enable the project to go ahead after around a decade of waiting.

Responding to a question from Tom Kinnaird, chairman of Benarty Community Council, on the project’s progress, Cllr Erskine told the committee: “This project, which has had a significant history, will be undertaken this year once the tender process is complete.

“I want to confirm that the design favoured by the bells project group will be the one which is delivered.

“There was a shortfall in funding, and I’m pleased to report that councillors have supported my proposal to provide the balance  to support this historic project. It will be delivered this year.”

Cllr Erskine has also paid tribute to the “steadfast” churchgoers who have pushed for the project to happen in order to memorialise St Kenneth’s and Lochcraig, which were demolished in the 2000s.

Similarly, she and fellow Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty councillor Rosemary Liewald were praised by Cllr Lea McLelland for their efforts in supporting the project.

Cllr McLelland said: “You never let this go any other way. You have worked over the last wee while with each other and with other people to make sure this happens and that should be recognised.”