A GORGEOUS dog has been saved from slaughter after swapping China for her forever home in Crossgates.

Deena, a beautiful Siberian husky, was found at just three-months-old with a badly-broken back femur and living on the streets.

She was taken in by an animal welfare charity, Great Bulls of China, which rescues dogs from meat trucks.

After travelling from China for an eight-hour layover in Malaysia, and then to Heathrow and Manchester, a relieved Deena met her new owners and arrived at her new home in Crossgates late on Saturday night.

Deena joins the dog-loving Arnott family, with Steve and Christine already looking after three Alaskan Malamutes and three German Shepherds.

Steve told the Press on Monday afternoon that the latest addition to the household had already settled in nicely.

"For a dog that has been through so much in her short life, you would not believe how calm she has been – it's like she's been here for a month," he said.

Christine was searching online when she discovered the Great Bulls of China charity, and it was from there that they decided to sponsor Deena.

That decision was taken in December, and it quickly became a real desire to bring her to Scotland.

Steve said: "She was found in Changchun, near the North Korean border, with a broken back femur; the charity suspects that she was able to get out of one of the meat trucks.

"She was taken to the vets and they did an operation on her. Her femur was quite badly damaged so they had to take a little bit off it.

"Six or so weeks later, she was moved to Beijing and into kennels just waiting on getting a flight.

"I think there were four flights we had tried to get her on but there were some problems.

"I believe that the dogs can't fly unaccompanied so they have to get someone to travel from Beijing with the dogs and fly back, basically.

"I won't even go down the road of how much it cost to get her over here.

"The main thing is that she's here and our new kitchen will have to wait!

"It's incredible to see Deena doing so well already. She wasn't concerned about our dogs at all, and it really felt like she's been here for ages."

Christine added: "The charity does so much work in China rescuing dogs from the meat trade.

"They do their own fundraising and the people who sponsoring the dogs on a monthly basis are the people really helping the charity do their important work."

To find out more about Great Bulls of China and its work, please visit: www.greatbullsofchina.co.uk or search for its Facebook page.