A 33-YEAR-OLD woman attacked a female in her home on Christmas Day and is now facing a prison sentence for it.

Anne Marie Fowler claimed a child had laughed at her in the street. She went into the family home and then launched a violent assault on a woman there.

Fowler had avoided a jail term previously for a violent rampage in a kebab shop before going on to carry out the Christmas Day attack. The earlier kebab shop incident in Falkirk was captured by the owner on his phone.

Fowler was filmed ripping a worker’s shirt, throwing food and a charity tin at the owner, pulling down her top, falsely claiming she had been raped then smashing up the shop, causing damage costing more than £4,000.

Fowler had later moved to live in Kelty, where the violent assault on the woman occurred at around 10pm on Christmas Day.

Fowler went into a family’s home after claiming that a child had laughed at her in the street.

The child’s parent was assaulted viciously as she tried to put Fowler out of her home.

Fowler, currently in prison, appeared via video-link at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

She admitted that on December 25, at an address in Kelty, she assaulted a woman by seizing her by the hair, dragging her along the ground, punching her on the head repeatedly and striking her head against a fence post, rendering her unconscious to her severe injury.

Depute fiscal Claire Bremner told the court that at around 10pm on Christmas Day, two youngsters aged 13 and 14 were walking in a street in Kelty when they saw Fowler involved in a confrontation with two men.

Fowler then accused the two youngsters of laughing at her and followed one of them home.

She went into the house and ended up in the bedroom of the child’s parents.

Fowler was being escorted out of the property when she attacked the woman who lived there, knocking her unconscious by hitting her head against a fence post.

The victim was taken to the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, where she was found to have bruising, swelling and a fractured nasal bone.

Sheriff Jamie Gilchrist called for reports and Fowler will remain in custody until sentencing on May 17.

In September, Fowler had managed to avoid a jail sentence after smashing up the kebab shop in a drunken rampage.

She assaulted staff, pulled down her top exposing her breasts and claimed she had been raped. She made racist comments then smashed a large glass panel, causing damage costing more than £4,000 to the shop.

The video also showed Fowler apparently spitting at the shop workers.

However, at Falkirk Sheriff Court, she escaped with two years of supervision with alcohol counselling and a compensation order of just £400 because she was on benefits.