SPIDER-MAN saved a Crossgates family's home from being destroyed as local superhero Derek 'Chico' Davidson raced to put out a blaze.

Chico was on a walk with his son on Friday afternoon when he noticed thick black smoke "belching out" of a local property and sprang into action.

As he approached, he could see the smoke coming from the chimney and a woman standing outside the house shouted that her house was on fire inside.

"I then did what anyone would do," he told the Press.

"It's just human instinct to go and help someone if they are struggling."

The 37-year-old spotted the tumble dryer in the utility room at the side of the house on fire.

He was able to put it out with a garden hose, and then lift the door – the back of which was on fire – with one hand off its hinges, and drag it into the garden.

He then fought the rest of the flames downstairs with the garden hose until the fire service arrived.

"I know the owner of the house, and he's kept telling me how thankful he was that I was there," he said.

"I was fortunate to be there at the time but I think anyone would have done the same thing.

"The kitchen has been wiped out and the downstairs is just like a black shell.

"It's such a lovely family that I've known all my life so I'm just so relieved that their kids weren't in at the time.

"If I had ignored that, the house would have been gone.

"I may have burned my hand a wee bit on the door but I'm alive, they're alive and their house has been saved from burning down."

Chico was instrumental during lockdown in bringing smiles to kids' faces by organising a band of local super-heroes to get together and lift spirits with runs around the village.

As Crossgates Spider-Man, and joined by the Flash, Buzz Lightyear and other heroes, they helped raise thousands for local good causes.