A MAN was knocked unconscious after being attacked in an unprovoked assault outside a Cowdenbeath bar.

The victim was knocked out and only came around in an ambulance taking him to hospital.

The attacker, Mikey Burns, 24, now of Beech Avenue, Ladybank, has been put on a three-month restriction of liberty order.

The incident occurred in 2018 but it was not until the following year that police found out who the culprit was after being told by the victim.

Burns, formerly of Andrew Street, Lochgelly, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He previously admitted that on May 27, 2018, at High Street, Cowdenbeath, he assaulted a man by punching him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground whereby he was rendered unconscious.

Depute fiscal Jamie Hilland said the victim had been out with friends socialising throughout the day in Kelty then later at Partners bar in Cowdenbeath.

At around 2.10am, he was leaving with a female friend when there was an altercation in the street not involving them initially.

The woman then spoke to the group of males and one of them became confrontational with the complainer.

“He was agitated with his right fist clenched,” added the depute.

The court was told the complainer said: “Ye dinnae need tae go there, neebur.”

There was a brief altercation then they walked away from each other.

However, Burns then turned and punched the complainer, knocking him to the ground.

“When he came around in an ambulance his head had been dressed. He was dazed and confused,” the depute continued.

The man was taken to the Victoria Hospital for treatment to cuts to his head.

In March 2019, police decided to review the case, which remained unsolved at that time.

An officer phoned the complainer, who said he knew who the attacker was as he had spotted him in a pub on a later occasion.

They had spoken and Burns had apologised, saying he had had a bad day and the complainer was in “the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi pointed out the length of time the case had taken to come to court and said her client was remorseful for his actions.

Sheriff Alastair Brown imposed a three-month ‘tag’ on Burns.