ANNABELLE Ewing has lodged her nomination papers to stand as the SNP Candidate for the Cowdenbeath constituency in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

Speaking last week, Ms Ewing said: “It truly has been the greatest honour to have represented the people of Cowdenbeath constituency as their MSP in the Scottish Parliament since 2016.

“As I now seek re-election, I am asking voters to continue to place their trust in me to speak up for them, to work hard for their families and communities and to stand up for Scotland’s right to choose our own future.

“There is no doubt at all that this election campaign will be very different than we are used to but, alongside my SNP team, I will be working hard to earn continuing support across the constituency.

“Everyone should check that they are registered to vote before the 19 April 2021 deadline, and bear in mind that postal votes – which many more people will, understandably, be opting for this year, must be applied for before 6 April 2021.

“These are serious times, and the country needs serious leadership to steer us out of the Covid crisis, a bold policy platform to kickstart recovery, and the chance to choose independence when the crisis has passed. Because the choice is not a referendum or recovery, it will be a referendum for recovery.”