FIFE Council has been urged to introduce safety measures outside a central Fife primary school following recent concerns about the area.

Scottish Conservative Councillor for Cowdenbeath, Darren Watt, has called on the council to introduce additional traffic calming measures outside Cowdenbeath Primary School on Broad Street.

The councillor told the Times that parents have expressed safety concerns in recent months due to the lack of a crossing guard, with a zebra crossing the only safety measure on a busy road.

Councillor Watt said: “In recent weeks, I have a had number of conversations with parents, council officers and the local police, following demands to improve the current infrastructure and introduce additional measures that will help reduce traffic speed and encourage more responsible driving.”

“The school is on an incredibly busy road and major bus route, plus the layout and width of Broad Street makes it all the more challenging for parents and pupils to cross safely, especially as there is not a controlled crossing nearby.

“It has previously been suggested the zebra crossing further up from the school could be upgraded to a puffin crossing but nothing has yet come to fruition.”

Tomorrow, March 10, at Cowdenbeath Area Committee, councillors will be asked to approve the Area Roads Programme for 2021/22.

Within the report, it is recommended the zebra crossing on Broad Street is upgraded to a puffin crossing at an estimated cost of £40,000.

The councillor added: “At the end of the day, the safety and well-being of our young people is absolute paramount, and I will continue to work alongside the school, parents, local police officers and Fife Council, and press for additional measures to be introduced without needless delay.

“I would also urge motorists to be cautious and considerate, especially during peak times. People just want to get to and from school safely and without unnecessary risk.”