A WOMAN from Cowdenbeath has been struck off as a carer after a patient was injured due to her actions.

Leanne Hankin was last week removed from the carer’s register following an investigation by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

Hankin, who was a supervisor in a care home for adults run by Abbotsford Care in Cowdenbeath, is no longer permitted to care for people after her fitness to practice was found to be impaired.

According to SSSC, on or around October 2012, Hankin failed to follow correct moving procedures by using a hoist on her own and this caused an injury to a patient who fell as a result.

Then on or around July 25,2019, used a hoist on her own with three separate patients, contravening all of their individual care plans which state at least two people must be involved in moving them.

Then, on July 21, 2019, Hankin committed the same breach on another patient.

The finding stated that her fitness was impaired because her behaviour “amounts to misconduct because you put service users at risk of harm. Social service workers must not expose themselves or others to any unnecessary risks of harm”.

It is said in the finding that the patient in 2012 suffered “serious injury” but that it did not deter Hankin from carrying out the same dangerous procedure.

The report goes on to say that other punishments would not have been acceptable as there is a “pattern of behaviour” stemming from 2012 in which Hankin continues to use incorrect handling techniques and actively refused assistance from other employees who were willing to help hoist patients.

Hankin, having been recommended legal advice, accepted the findings on January 27 of this year, and as of February 18, is no longer a carer.