DOZENS of bridges across Fife have been deemed substandard with two in central areas needing major work.

Every year the Kingdom’s 443 bridges are inspected for safety and the latest report from 2020 has revealed that 48 bridges across Fife need work done to them – nine of which will be major projects.

The nine major projects include the Broad Street Railway Bridge in Cowdenbeath and the Den Burn Bridge in Cardenden.

Other bridges included in the major projects include: Leven Railway Bridge and Bawbee Bridge, Lyne Burn Bridge, Dunfermline, Woodside Road underpass, Glenrothes and Glen Bridge footway, Dunfermline.

A spokesperson for Fife Council confirmed the work will be carried out.

They said: “We report on the capacity of our 443 bridges annually and at the last review in 2020 there were 48 bridges identified across Fife where remedial works are needed.

“There are different ways we can protect each bridge to ensure they can still be safely used until further work can be carried out.

“These protections can include limiting the weight carried by a bridge or restricting its width to reduce the number of vehicles it. The measures taken are the most appropriate for each location.

“Road bridges and structures form a crucial part of Fife’s road network and are vital in supporting the local economy.

“£10.3m is set to be invested in Fife’s Bridge Strengthening Programme, which was approved by members of the Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning & Transportation Committee on Thursday 1 October 2020.

“The committee report focuses on nine priority projects. Following approval of the Capital Investment Plan 2019-29 in February 2019, a revision to the Fife Bridge Strengthening Programme was approved in May 2019.”

Service manager Ross Speirs said: “The overall condition of Fife’s road structures is good, and to support our roads network bridge strengthening and maintenance work needs sustained investment.

“Bridge works are expensive and are vital to maintaining our roads infrastructure. Targeted investment in maintenance work is necessary to keep our bridges safe for use, fit for purpose and to minimise restrictions on Fife’s road network.”