HAD the SFA given the go-ahead to re-start last week it would have provided Cowdenbeath with plenty of problems.

Had the green light been given for a March 6 kick-off Cowden would have faced training issues in their preparation for a return to action.

Manager Gary Bollan revealed that their regular training base, at the Orium sports complex, in the Lothians, was unavailable until March and of course the freezing weather conditions had made Central Park an impossibility.

The manager said: “I suppose it has been the only bright spot in the uncertainty over when we shall see action again.

“Not having training facilities would have provided real hurdles in getting ready for a speedy restart.”

He also feels that if the season does not restart early in March, playing 27 games simply will not be possible in the time available.

“It could be that the clubs are left with agreeing to play the season over 18 games or stopping the season altogether and declaring it null and void,” he said.

“We are really needing clear direction at this time to have any chance of completing the season.”