PREMIER Bingo in Cowdenbeath have joined a campaign to call for government support to help prevent their number being up.

The club on High Street, closed since November, warned that the sector is "at risk of collapse" with jobs here and across the country dependent on halls operating.

The Bingo Association in Scotland has launched a effort to save the industry after warnings that local clubs could become a "thing of the past" if they do not receive financial support from the Scottish Government.

Premier Bingo has backed the move and appealed to players for help: "As one of the many thousands of bingo players in Scotland, we are once again asking for your support to help save Scottish bingo.

"Bingo clubs in Scotland are at risk of collapse.

"Without additional financial support many clubs, particularly smaller independent operators, will not survive this pandemic and may have no choice but to close their doors for good.

"If we have to close, players will lose a vital lifeline and local communities will be deprived of an important and safe community hub."

In total, it is estimated that the sector has lost over £80 million in revenue in the past 10 months, with the smaller, independent, clubs facing particular hardship.

They added: "Bingo clubs have been devastated by the pandemic and subsequent restrictions, with the majority of clubs having been open for only one month out of the past 10 and therefore closed far longer than restaurants, pubs, hotels, cinemas and more.

"Despite this, bingo clubs across Scotland have received no funds other than the small grants to which everyone is entitled, and which do not cover our costs.

"Without support, clubs may have no other choice but to close their doors for goods, placing thousands of jobs at risk and making the local bingo club a thing of the past – with communities losing a vital social hub as a result.

"To help save Scottish Bingo, please help us by visiting where you will find an easy way to make the case to the Scottish Government that bingo clubs need more financial support."

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “We understand that all businesses face significant difficulties during the pandemic and we are committed to providing continued assistance, within our limited resources.

“Bingo halls are eligible for 100 per cent non-domestic rates relief in 2020-21 and our Strategic Framework Business Fund further pays monthly grants of up to £3,000 for businesses required by law to close.

“Earlier this month the finance secretary also announced an additional top-up payment for hospitality, retail and leisure businesses – including bingo halls – which in some cases doubles or triples the amount of support we are providing.

“Since the start of the pandemic our support for business and the economy has reached almost £3 billion – more than a third of our total coronavirus (COVID-19) funding, demonstrating our commitment to provide as much help as we possibly can."