A SUPERMARKET worker from Dunfermline said he and his girlfriend both took LSD and cannabis the night he allegedly raped her.

David Gray, 21, of Turnbull Grove, insisted he had stopped having sex with his then 18-year-old partner when she told him she wasn’t enjoying it and said he went to sit in a corner to enjoy his “acid trip”.

Giving evidence in his own defence at the high court in Livingston, he denied chasing her around the house naked before pinning her down and forcing himself on her, saying she had lied.

However, the jury was shown messages from his alleged victim, including one which said: “You told my best friend you loved her, you left bruises on me four times and almost raped me.”

Later when she shouted out to a group of her friends at a skate park that he’d “tried to rape” her he admitted he’d just walked away without questioning her allegation.

He said: “I just accepted what she was saying at the time. I loved her very much.

"She was everything I had at the time. I didn’t think she would lie about something that serious.”

He admitted sending a Facebook message admitting: “…then I tried to force myself on you until you pushed me off. I remember being really mad for no reason”.

He told the jury: “That was in relation to what she told me. She remembered me being mad. She told me that was what happened. I just phrased it wrong in the message.”

Gray claimed his reply saying “If the rape was so damn horrific to you then put me in jail for it, I’ve already said I’ll plead guilty to it” had been “an emotional response”.

He also admitted sending a message which read: “If you truly can’t get over it and it’s that bad then go to the police station and file a rape charge against me. And while we’re at it you can tell them about all those 'assaults' that happened.”

In court, Gray said he and his then girlfriend had each taken a tab of the hallucinogenic drug LSD together in their bedroom on the night of the alleged rape.

He said: “Shortly after we took it we began having sex. She said to stop because she was feeling a bit uneasy, so I did. I stopped straight away, then asked her if she was OK.

“I remember going into a corner on my own and just enjoying my trip while I was on it (acid). By the time I got out of the corner she wasn’t in the room. She was just sitting in the corner of the hallway.

“I got her a glass of water and took it up. She said she was fine. We went back into the bedroom and ordered pizza and ended up having sex again later that night, completely consensual and went to sleep.”

Asked if he had forced himself on her, held her down and had sex with her without her agreement he replied: “I did not. The next day she told me that I’d been quite up for it and she felt a little bit scared. I assumed she meant I was up for having sex when she didn’t want it.

“I knew in the back of my mind it didn’t happen but I didn’t know how LSD worked and I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

“I don’t remember making her scared but if I did I truly apologise for it. She just said it was OK, it was fine and not to worry about it.”

He added: “I know the events of the entire night and I didn’t rape her, ever.”

He refuted suggestions that he choked her on two occasions after grabbing her by the throat during arguments in the home they briefly shared in Fife and at his father’s wedding reception in Kelso.

Gray is charged with raping the woman – who can’t be named for legal reasons – at an address in Dunfermline in April or May 2018 and assaulting her between February and October 2018.

He denies the charges and has lodged a special defence saying any sexual conduct was with the woman’s consent.

The trial, before Lady Poole at the High Court in Livingston, continues.