A FIFE woman has braved the shave after a colleague of hers was diagnosed with cancer.

Zoe Mitchell discovered her workmate Norma had cancer and promptly decided that she wanted to raise some money to help.

Norma had been getting help from Macmillan so Zoe decided that she would get her head shaved, raising money and giving her hair to the Princess Trust, the charity that makes wigs for children undergoing hair loss treatments such as chemotherapy.

Zoe said: "When my friend Norma was diagnosed with cancer it hit me like a brick and I couldn't do anything to help her.

“Then one day when she told me she was getting chemo she said: ‘Oh god I hope I don’t lose my hair,’ and a light bulb went off.

“I said it’s only hair it will grow back and I thought I’ve got loads of hair and I knew then how to help her and others by braving the shave.

“It is not only helping with money but also donating my hair to the Princess Trust will help the little children have real hair and help my lovely friend so I did it and feel really proud of myself.”

Zoe raised an incredible amount, with donations sitting at more than £1,300.