AN EMPLOYEE at a Fife school has called for more to be done about construction vans parking carelessly.

Maureen Watt, a support officer at Lochgelly High School, has said that residents on Adam Place and McGregor Avenue, Lochgelly, are suffering due to the inconsiderate parking by contractors at the new nursery site.

Speaking to the Times, Maureen said: “Parking is on a corner which serves access and exit to McGregor Avenue, also Sir James Black Gait. It is quite dangerous for other car drivers.

“There is a long stretch of road including lay-bys which could be used along with a polite notice to residents.

“I have equally contacted Fife Council and it seems there is no way to turn on this matter. I was advised of how I can report this via a site, which I have been unable to access as it is not working for me.”

Maureen is also concerned about what will happen when the nursery at the site opens.

She said: “Regarding the actual opening of the nursery, I have equally tried to find out if a road management assessment can be made. This is to alleviate the dangers of this narrow access, exit area.

“In addition to this, I have made attempts to identify to the authorities the high increase in speeding along this stretch of road, which is currently set as a mandatory 20mph.”

Maureen supplied pictures to the Times which show a van belonging to a construction firm called Norwood Construction, although they have failed to respond to a comment request.

Fife Council responded, saying their lead consultant, Scott Blyth, confirmed that action would be taken if vehicles are parking illegally.

He added: “Parking restrictions are in place outside our schools for safety reasons and we will make sure patrols are stepped up in this area."