The family of a three-year-old girl who was tragically killed in a road accident in Townhill have unveiled a breathtaking mural in her honour to bring a little ray of sunshine to the village.

A beautiful depiction of sweet Robyn Skye Knox from Cardenden fills the 30ft side of the local shop where the toddler, unfortunately, lost her life back on August 3.

The incredible artwork has been created by renowned Kelty artist Donna Forrester who is the person behind other fantastic murals in Fife such as boxer Connor Law and Paul Lowe, the Black Watch soldier killed in Iraq in 2004.

Robyn's parents Danielle Falconer and Barry Knox worked with Donna to make sure the mural was a fitting tribute to their little girl and included personal touches such as a custom-designed dance outfit, family poem and Robyn's beloved toy rabbit 'baby'.

Danielle, 26, told the Press: "It was pretty emotional to see the mural.

"We kept up with the progress of it and seeing each stage complete was amazing.

"It is absolutely stunning, everything we imagined and more!

"The painting of Robyn looks just like the photo of her we gave to Donna and includes all aspects of her life.

"It is definitely a better memory for those who witnessed what happened to our girl and we hope it paints a better image for everyone to see her smiling face.

"I have family that live in Townhill who often have to drive past so it's much more positive for them now but also the community who have been so supportive of us.

"It's brought people together and it's been so lovely to see people coming to take photos."

It took Donna 15 day to create the masterpiece which was funded by donations to the family's JustGiving page.

The artist told the Press: "It was a big responsibility to take on and I felt humbled that Robyn's family asked me to do this.

"It includes a whole collection of things and it was lovely to get a sense of who Robyn was.

"The community and local businesses all helped contribute to funding it and making it happen so there has been such a lovely community spirit.

"Lots of people would chat to me and you can see so many have been affected by this terrible tragedy.

"Like many in the area it was heartbreaking to hear what happened to Robyn - I have two wee girls myself and you can not imagine what the family is going through.

"But they are so strong. It's heartwarming to see that people who go through such a hard time can still think about others and it's an incredible thing they are doing with their fundraising."

Danielle and Barry have been keeping positive by setting up a service to help other bereaved families and fundraising committee as a lasting legacy to their cherished daughter. You can help with fundraising on the the ‘Remembering Robyn’ Facebook page.