ON Thursday September 3, staff at Beath High School were finally able to provide 2020 S6 Leavers with the opportunity to participate in a short (and socially distanced) send-off where they received Yearbooks and Leaver Hoodies.

Addressing the group, Mr Hunter, Depute Rector and S6 Year Head, acknowledged that the class of 2020 had faced circumstances that were exceptional in the school’s 110-year history.

He said that their experience had been unique but in looking to the future he encouraged the leavers to look out for each other, be the best version of themselves and to make a positive difference.

This was a very different occasion to the traditional ‘S6 Last Day’ that is the norm for S6 pupils leaving Beath, but it was good that the school were able to provide pupils with a safe opportunity to mark their time at the school.