THE long awaited re-opening of Cowdenbeath Recycling Centre is another step closer as the convener of Fife Council's Environment, Protective Services & Community Safety Committee, Cllr Ross Vettraino, told members at Thursday’s Policy and Co-ordination Committee, the necessary funding to help facilitate the re-opening of the site has been found.

Cllr Vettraino said: “The current situation is that of the eleven recycling centres, ten are open, Cowdenbeath is not.

"The works to reorganise the site internally have been approved. I understand the finance, the £45,000 necessary to affect these works, has also been found, so we’re moving as swiftly as possible towards reopening that last recycling centre.”

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Councillor for Cowdenbeath, Darren Watt, has been at the forefront of a campaign to re-open the site working with the town's three other councillors and set up an online petition back in July urging local people to help highlight how vital these facilities are for Cowdenbeath and the surrounding villages.

The petition got over 1,000 signatures in just two days and went on the reach over 1,700.

Cllr Watt said: “I am absolutely delighted to see the light at the end of what felt like a never-ending tunnel.

"The opposition, excuses and obstructions we faced was intense and at one point, I really felt we were fighting a losing battle.

"This a real testament to thousands of local residents who stood up and let their feelings be heard. At the end of the day, they are the ones that matter, they are the ones who live in the area and they are the ones who know what is best for their area - not anonymous individuals in Glenrothes. "Their perseverance and overwhelming support have finally paid off and now it’s just a case of when the recycling centre will reopen and not if"