JAMIE Watt was an S2 Beath pupil who took a voluntary task to another level.

During lockdown Jamie was set an optional task to keep a Covid-19 diary.

Jamie is a hardworking, keen pupil who always puts 100% into whatever he does. During an S2 parents evening Jamie stated to his teacher that he was determined to take all three social subjects.

On return to school in August, now an S3, Jamie handed his Social Subjects teacher his diary.

He had excelled himself and the faculty were blown away with Jamie's dedication and the effort that he had put into his diary. "We're all so proud of him," said his teacher.

Jamie had kept a diary from March 16 until August 26.

The diary included daily headlines and how he was affected by the lockdown. He included pictures of the various activities he did to keep himself busy such as baking, gardening and he shared his concerns regarding the virus and the effects on his family.