IT is not only Cardenden Road people who have been suffering from the effects of flooding in the ABCD villages.

In the early hours of Wednesday August 12 Graeme Balfour found water running into his home, at Bluebell Gardens, in Dundonald, and it started what has been a nightmare spell for him.

He said: "The water regularly runs from the area behind the Gardens as it is on a slope but such was the volume that night that it came into many of our homes.

"Such was the volume I lost all my furniture and most of my clothes."

Graeme was insured for flooding but has been waiting a considerable time for anything tangible coming from his insurance company and is grateful for the support he has received from his parents.

The Ore Valley HA tenant added: "It has been a horrible spell. I have been given a new home but there is nothing to put in it!"