SUNDAY was to be the day that Bowhill Highland Games was to be re-born, but while Covid-19 counted that out, Wallsgreen Park saw a small preview of what to expect in 2021.

At around noon, on Sunday, a small procession, led by the Games Committee, marched into the park and held a couple of demonstrations of activities fans will be able to see on Sunday September 12 next year.

Games Chieftain, John Gilfillan, and handicapper, Don Campbell, were delighted to be part of the procession which included a Highland dancer, a young caber thrower, a cyclist and young miners!

Don Campbell said: "We were all disappointed that our two attempts to get Bowhill Games reborn were headed off by the pandemic but the small event on Sunday just reminded everyone what we have planned for 2021.

"We have already set a date for next year, Sunday September 12, for Bowhill Highland Games, and the great thing though is that all our sponsors and patrons have already confirmed they want to back the Games next year which is fantastic news and we warmly thank them."

He added: "From all the feedback we have been getting we were likely to have had a crowd of more than 3,000 people at Wallsgreen Park on Sunday and if we can achieve that next September everyone will be delighted.

"What is also encouraging though is that a vast majority of the competitors who were planning to take part in the Games have indicated they want to be competing at Bowhill in 2021."

The link between the last time the games were held in the 1950s, and the new Games, were the young miners, whose buckets had real coal in them!After the event a number of the group went to Bowhill Cemetery where floral tributes were placed at the monument to those who perished in the Bowhill Colliery disaster of October 31 1931. See more pictures of the day's events next week.

Last surviving member of village's first triplets hits 90!

THE last surviving member of Kelty's first triplets celebrated her 90th birthday at the weekend.

Mary Coutts was born on September 13 1930, along with sisters Susan and Margaret, and on Saturday her family held a small party to celebrate the milestone.

Mary has lived in the village for most of her 90 years. However, she became Mary Myles, with her marriage to a soldier, and spent many years abroad as he served in Singapore and Germany.

Along with her husband, Mary arrived back in Kelty in 1974, and has lived in Centre Street ever since.

The family party was a big surprise for Mary and then on Sunday, at St Joseph's Church in Kelty, she was re-united with her three brothers at the morning service.

Her niece Elizabeth said: "I has been quite a weekend for Mary.

"We had hoped to have a garden party to celebrate her 90th, but the wind was so strong on Saturday we got driven indoors, although she was really delighted at everyone gathering around her, then on Sunday her three brothers being at the church to wish her a happy 90th was another big surprise".

2020 has been quite a year for Mary, with two great grand-daughters arriving during lockdown!