FIFE MSP Alex Rowley has challenged Fife Council with regard to the amount of weeds growing in pavements and kerbsides across the Cowdenbeath area.

Mr Rowley told Fife Council's Director of Assets that the long-term costs of not using weed killer to keep streets clear will be broken and unsafe pavements and roads with a heavy financial repairs bill.

The Labour MSP told the Times: “I have received many complaints about weeds growing out of streets, litter and dog poo bins not being emptied.

"The general environment in which we live is very important for our wellbeing but it is also a false economy not to use weed killer on the streets as the weeds breakup the concrete and we then need to spend a lot more money to make the pavements safe".

He added: “I know Covid has made it very difficult for the council to operate many of its services but we have to have priorities and not store up problems for the future.

"The environment we live in is important for our wellbeing especially at this challenging time so I am hoping the council will take serious the concerns that are being expressed”.

The local authority has had problems with grass cutting and other outdoor maintenance matters over the past seven months through the Covid issues and staffing availability.