KELTY'S Acacia Mitchell may be only seventeen, but her first collection of poetry promises to be one that enriches people from all generations.

Her book 'Waiting Spaces' explores the waiting which all of us experience but can never fully put into words.

Acacia draws on the experience of moving house internationally (most recently to Kelty) and life’s constant uncertainties to form much of the emotions in the poetry.

Acacia Mitchell is a teen from Canada who moved to Scotland in 2015 and she is now in Kelty.

Five sections throughout the book speak to different aspects of waiting - the longing for belonging, dissatisfaction, resting, seeking, and healing.

In a world which often tries to rush through hard times, she encourages readers to find the redemption in the in-between times. Those who enjoy spoken word will appreciate the poetic rhythm Acacia uses, while others may see themselves in the verbal images of people slowly healing.

After a world kept in waiting during lockdown, this young poet's words bring a reminder that time resting is not wasted. Acacia explores the idea of being in between and without a permanent home. If you have ever doubted that God is trustworthy, her poems are a must read. They remind us that doubts are okay and no place of waiting is permanent.

While some would say that Acacia is young to be publishing, she felt like it was the next natural step in her journey.

“I’ve been writing for years and already had accumulated all of the poems which make up the book", she said.

"When lockdown happened, it made sense to put it all in print now.”

Readers have enjoyed Acacia’s easy style and emotionally evocative writing. “First time that I've read so much poetry...I finally understand why people like it”, said freelance editor R.M. Scheller.

Rochelle, a book reviewer, wrote: "Having suffered with anxiety throughout my life and the complicated feelings and consequences it can bring, some of these pieces made me very seen and I really connected with them on a personal level (I have actually written one of them out and put it in my purse)."

Waiting Spaces can be purchased at (colour illustrations) or at (black and white illustrations).

It is also available as an eBook. Reviewers can email to obtain a review copy of Waiting Spaces.

She has been published on the Rebelution, written for the stage, and is the author of Waiting Spaces. She has a passion for artistic expression and the way that it reflects the Creator. You can find more of her work at or her Instagram, @acaciawritespoems.