COWDENBEATH MSP Annabelle Ewing is pleased that the Education Secretary has listened and acted by making the decision that all SQA downgraded exam grades will be withdrawn and re-issued solely based on teacher judgement.

Ms Ewing, questioning the Cabinet Secretary for Education after his statement in Parliament, yesterday which indicated that teachers' original assessments would be replacing the previous week's SQA results, sought clarification on when the new grades would be issued, saying: “I very much welcome the Cabinet Secretary’s announcement, because he has listened and he has acted.

“For the parents and young people in my Cowdenbeath constituency who have contacted me about concerns about downgraded results, can he provide a bit more clarity as to when they may expect to receive intimation of the new grades?

“They will be desperate for that oral and written confirmation. Also, can he clarify the status of the original Friday August 14 deadline for appeals? I assume that that date is no longer relevant.”

Speaking afterwards, Ms Ewing added: "The Cabinet Secretary indicated that there would be further clarity forthcoming regarding appeals which, understandably, will be more limited than was going to be the case.

"With regard to the confirmation of results, John Swinney told me that, while no definitive timescale could be given for the issuing new certificates, it would be done as quickly as possible and that schools will be able to indicate to young people the estimates they submitted to the SQA.

“With schools now starting to go back, I know that parents and affected pupils will want to speak to their teachers as soon as possible to get the clarification they need.”