THE new look of Cowdenbeath High Street has impressed a lot of visitors to the town but making a stop in Central Fife saw a camera man stunned by the street art.

Ginger Man With A Cam is an independent film maker who simply hits a town 'armed with his camera, a laptop and a wild imagination'.

The weather might not have been the best on his visit to Cowdenbeath, with rain in the air, but he was really pleased with what he saw.

Not totally aware of the investment that has been going on in the town over the past few years, he gave an impartial look into a what a visitor could find in the town.

He began his visit at the War Memorial in the Public Park and then moved down High Street noting the 'impressive' new North End Retail Park and the mixed style shopping area of the northern part of the street.

But when he reached the Green Square he has taken aback with Kerry Wilson's striking image of a young girl from the town on the gable wall of a building.

Then he came on another of Kerry's impact creations on High Street, at Brunton Square, of the boy miner and the impact of these left him stunned.

Ginger Man said: "Cowdenbeath is a real experience which I would recommend to anyone.

"Of all the towns I have been to, and there have been many, the artwork on the town's High Street is the best I have seen and the image on the Green Square is 'super cool'. You simply have to stand back and admire the beauty, it is high grade."

He said that in his opinion Cowdenbeath was like a Fife Magician's town: "There is always something coming out of the hat."

Ginger Man was impressed with the greenery of the town throughout and the facilities around Central Park, indeed the dual purpose stadium for football and stock cars, plus the Leisure Centre and skate park within yards of the ground.

He also paid a visit to the town's cemetery which he felt was well set-up and very respectful and he said he had heard that the infamous body snatching duo, Burke and Hair, form Edinburgh had been linked with Cowdenbeath at one time!

He described his Cowdenbeath experience as: "This town is bustling and full of life and the greenery is striking with unbelievable street art."

If you want to see Ginger Man With A Cam's view of Cowdenbeath his creation is on the Community Council Facebook page.