WHILE all of the Robert Smith Court Community Group are looking forward to the opening of the Lumphinnans' estate's special garden feature, there are more plans in the pipeline for improvements to take place.

In two years the work of the 100+ residents of Robert Smith Court has seen not only the community garden take shape, but ugly weeded and long grassed areas transformed in turning around the fortunes of the community.

We spoke to the co-founders of RSCCG this week and chair Mark Davies and treasurer Evelyn Sneddon explained that there were plans to create a children's play area near to the community garden along with a woodlands feature.

Said Mark: "We have approached the Coalfields Regeneration Trust for a grant to help make the woodlands and play areas a reality.

"That is something we would hope to be able to start on later in the summer, if possible.

"Over the past couple of years we have managed to see a committee of eight formed and with the support of our residents, Kingdom and Ore Valley Housing Associations, and Fife Council we have been able to put the wheels in motion for the improvements to get moving and it will be a lovely moment to see the community garden opened by the chair of Cowdenbeath Area Committee Linda Erskine."

Evelyn said: "A couple of years back the estate did look a bit rough with the weeds taking over paths and other areas overgrown, plus flytipping involved old couches and other things down the slope from the community garden.

"But the combined efforts of everyone has seen things turn around, bit by bit, and we hope we can keep up the momentum."

Mark praised the efforts of gardener Lewis Davidson, committee garden representative Tammy Muir, and landscaper Steven Ogg in creating the different look to the estate and long time Robert Smith Court resident Joyce Izatt reflected: "Things are looking so much nicer now and the Community Group deserve a lot of praise for what has been going on."

The Community Group has several notice boards placed around the estate, and a Facebook page to keep people up to speed with what is going on and in next week's Times we will publish details of what will be happening at the official opening of the community garden on August 15.