COUNCILLOR Darren Watt, who represents the Cowdenbeath Ward on Fife Council, has been selected as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for the Cowdenbeath constituency in the Holyrood Elections in 2021.

Councillor Watt, who has just completed three years as a councillor after being elected in May 2017, is delighted to be given the chance to stand in his home town seat.

Councillor Watt said: “I am incredibly proud to have been chosen to stand in my home constituency. "It’s no secret I have ambitions to be a Member of the Scottish Parliament and I am looking forward to the forthcoming campaign.”

He added: “The SNP have been in Government in Scotland for over 13 years now and have been solely responsible for education, crime, policing, local authorities, the NHS and health and social care. "The voting public will have the chance to judge them on their record and will question if they want another five years of them or is now the time for change.

“I very much believe the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party offer a positive and progressive alternative to voters and with a new leader to be announced in due course, the momentum will certainly be with us.”

Mr Watt went on: “The ongoing Covid crisis will of course make traditional campaigning more challenging and will no doubt be a key factor during the course of the next Parliament, therefore it’s vital we elect MSPs who will form a Scottish Government that will work alongside our Westminster counterparts and not against them.

“During the campaign, I intend to fully engage with as many residents, community groups and local businesses as possible and listen intently to their own take on things.”

“As a Conservative, I believe in localism and believe local people know what is right for the area in which they live. The Cowdenbeath constituency is made up of large towns and villages, each with their own unique history, ambitions, issues and concerns.

"If elected, I will fully represent each and every community and be the strong, local voice residents deserve.

“My record as a local Councillor and community champion for the last three years speaks for itself and gives a small insight into what I’m capable of should I be elected to Holyrood next May.”

Commenting on Mr Watt's selection, Mid Scotland and Fife MSP and the party’s Deputy Chief Whip, Alexander Stewart said: “I am delighted that Darren has been recognised for his commitment and dedication to the party and received the nomination for the Cowdenbeath constituency.

"This is justly deserved due to his unfaltering commitment to the local community which he has served diligently over the last three years.

"Darren is a true community champion who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and get the job done in supporting individuals, businesses and organisations right across the region.

"This is an excellent opportunity to further enhance his political profile right across the constituency and I wish him well in his campaign”.