A CARDENDEN woman is concerned that Fife Council's plans to rewild the Green Hill in the village be a big loss to children.

The "Green Hill" is a popular area in the village of Cardenden, used by families and dog walkers.

Simone Herd said that the council propose to rewild the green space, basically stop grass cutting and maintenance.

This is a suggestion for areas throughout the county and an area has been targeted for rewilding in the Lochgelly area which is indicated on the map east of Lomond Crescent and Haggis Ha'. In Cardenden it is the Green Hill; also an area off Craigside Road and another off Woodend Road. In Benarty, areas behind Dallas Doyle Park, Ballingry Crescent, off Ballingry Road, off Flockhouse Avenue and in Loanhead Avenue.

Simone is strongly against the idea in Cardenden: "I am a childminder in partnership with Fife Council and reside on Cardenden Road.

"I use the Green Hill on a daily basis, for outdoor play with the children, walks, access to the woodland area and train station, as well as a safe route to drop-off and collect from Denend Nursery.

"I have children in my care that have additional needs. The Green Hill provides a large, enclosed, safe open space for them to play and exercise, which is extremely important for them as well as safe access routes to Denend Primary and Nursery School, and the woodland area known as 'The Den'.

"Its extremely popular in the winter months for sledging or for trainspotting, particularly when the Flying Scotsman' passes".

Added Simone: "As a result, I am incredibly against Fife Council's proposals to rewild this area, and hope that people support me in my campaign to prevent this. I have a petition actively being shared on Facebook". https://www.change.org/p/fife-council-petition-against-the-proposal-for-rewilding-of-the-green-hill/c?source_location=petition_show

Cardenden councillor Rosemary Liewald said: "Fife Council commenced some grassland rewilding initiatives at the beginning of lockdown.

"The main drivers for this situation were, the very late start to grass cutting; no seasonal workers recruited, due to Social Distancing issues; and Core PSOS Staff diverted to Higher Priority Services such as bereavement and refuse collection.

"The rewilding commenced without consultation, due to the constraints of lockdown, and the reaction from residents has been mixed, with some positive and some negative.

"We emphasise that these are only proposals, which Fife Council can go-back on and re-visit, if desired by councillors/community groups and the wider residents. However, we would look for alternative areas to be offered, to enable the continuation with this important initiative.

"I would welcome people's comments, either way in support or not, with alternative suggestions for rewilding areas, if communities have them.

"Can comments be sent to my Council email address re this at cllr.rosemary.liewald@fife.gov.uk"