A GENEROUS and determined dad is taking on a gruelling fitness challenge on Sunday August 9 to raise funds for local children’s group, Fife Type 1 Warriors.

Danny King, from Cardenden, will do a Yeti Ultra 24 Challenge, in which he’ll run five miles every four hours, eventually covering a total distance of thirty miles in a single 24-hour period. He plans to start his first run at 4am!

Danny said: “My daughter Daniella was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last September and upon discharge from hospital my wife Dawn and I were advised to join Fife Type 1 Warriors.

“They are a local support group for children with Type 1 diabetes and their families. They were very welcoming and extremely helpful when Daniella was first diagnosed, and we quickly realised that they were not just a support group but more like a community that would arrange fun activity days for all the kids and parents which I thought was a great thing.

"After attending one of their events and knowing this can only be done through fundraising, I knew there and then, that when the time was right, I would love to help raise money for the group.”

Explained Danny: “The reason I have picked this run is quite personal to me.

“It’s regarded as very difficult and one which will certainly have me asking myself a lot questions throughout the day.

“I have a rare form of inflammatory arthritis which affects various joints including my knees, plus I have a total right hip replacement.

"This will make this challenge, and running in general, more difficult for me. Not only will I raise money for a great cause, but I’ll also walk away knowing what I’m capable of mentally especially when it gets extremely tough.”

Training for the day has not been easy for Danny, largely because he’s had to shield for most of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as well as care for and home schooling Daniella, but being a fitness enthusiast and having previously competed in many running events, Danny isn’t overly concerned.

He concluded: “As with any endurance event or long-distance running, aches and pains can set in and that’s where the mental battle will lie. "Coming from a boxing background means I have experience digging deep and having to come through some very tough moments.

"This leaves me very confident I’ll manage to battle through the tough times, not if but when they happen.”

Through online fundraising alone, Danny has so far raised just over £500 and hopes to achieve nearer £1,000 following his challenge.

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/danny-king-type1warriors