THE Lo'gelly Larder's team of collectors will be out in the town from Wednesday evening of next week collecting items to boost the food bank arm of the Lo'gelly Lunches project.

They plan to work their way around the town covering very street over the three evenings.

In April, the Benarty Fundraisers had a fantastic venture which saw them going round the streets of Lochgelly, as well as Ballingry, Cosshill, Lochore and Glencraig, and the public in the communities was incredibly generous with eight tonnes of items being donated.

The Larder is the food bank arm of Lo'gelly Lunches, which when the lockdown started, started distributing a huge number of packed meals from Lochgelly Town Hall every Friday and also having items available for people who have been struggling for food.

But they need to keep their supplies up to speed to meet demand, so the volunteers hope the people of Lochgelly will be as generous as they were in April, which saw the Larder find itself receiving a very handy supply of food to be distributed via the massive collection.

Louise Brown, who is pictured with fellow volunteer, Lorraine Mullen, in the Larder, explained that the latest initiative starts on Wednesday night.

Said Louise, who is also secretary of Lochgelly Community Council: "We’re organising another food drive in Lochgelly next week for the Lo’gelly Larder – the food bank side of Lo’gelly Lunches. "Over the course of three days; Wednesday the 5th, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th August, from 4.30pm until roughly 8.30pm, we’ll be walking through every street in the town collecting donations for the food bank.

"We’ll gratefully take donations of tinned and packet food, dried and long life food, snack food, tea and coffee, pet food, toiletries and baby and sanitary products.

"Any surplus we manage to collect will be shared with other local food charities."

The Lo'gelly Lunches project had to change direction after the lockdown halted their lunch sessions in the town hall every Friday, and their decision to start the distribution of packed lunches has proved highly popular as has the support provided by the Lo'gelly Larder.