REMEMBERING a more normal school day at Benarty Primary School….

Following a hugely successful coffee morning run by the Pupils and the Parent Council of Benarty Primary School around Easter time of 2019, aptly named ‘Heart Start Coffee Morning’, Benarty Primary School embarked on a new life saving project to raise money to purchase a defibrillator.

Former Benarty Community Council chairman, Stevie Nardone, was enthusiastically encouraging the area's two primary schools to get defibrillators after he found out at the sharp end how valuable these machines can be when he suffered a heart attack at an event at St Kenneth's Primary, and was only saved by the work of experts in CPR who were also at the event and then the ambulance team who arrived soon after.

Stevie strongly backed the fundraising of both schools and was very pleased to see them get defibs.

Benarty Parent Council were also delighted to learn that their application for funding from the Benarty Community Fund was also successful and were awarded £2,000 to support the delivery of “Mini Medics” training to all P5, P6 and P7 children.

Said Lisa Reid, of the Parent Council: "The school have been working with Michael Braid, from Fife Medical Group Events (, who delivered the life skill of First Aid and Defibrillation Training for Children.

"This training was a huge success; promoting responsible citizens within the school and beyond, serving the wider community. With continued efforts in fundraising the Parent Council are looking to extend this project to all P5 pupils in future academic years to ensure sustainability.

"With the above and alongside previous fundraising events, organised by Benarty Parent Council, Benarty Primary School and Dunmore Nursery, both now have a defibrillator on their premises".

Lisa added that Benarty Parent Council would like to take this opportunity to thank all local businesses who contributed to the coffee morning, the pupils' families and friends for their continued support, the Benarty Community Fund and Stevie and Mary Nardone who kindly donated £700 to help with the maintenance of the defibrillators.