A PLAN for 45 housing units to be built on land which 'persistently floods' has attracted a huge number of objections.

The application has been lodged with Fife Council by Campion Homes, on behalf of Kingdom Housing Association, for a site at Woodend, Cardenden, to supplement the social housing requirements in Fife. It is go before the West and Central Area Planning Committee on Wednesday August 5.

It is accepted, by Cardenden Community Council, that more social housing is needed, but two sites are already underway within Cardenden, with another planned, they say.

Said council secretary David Taylor: "Other sites are also available in the village and people are concerned local services will not cope.

"Also, the additional traffic at the junction of Woodend Road and Kinglassie Road could cause a safety hazard with its blind summit and bend. In addition it will impair on the new Pilgrim’s Way Route at this junction.

"But the major concern is that the proposed site is low lying and prone to flooding. The applicant’s Flood Risk Assessment implies it is only likely to flood once in 200 years, but in reality it floods every time there is heavy or prolonged rain from surface water running off surrounding fields and the adjoining Kinglassie Road.

"The original plans for the site were withdrawn because of the water problems but, to overcome this, more land has been acquired and it is intended to raise the ground level to that of the adjoining roads. The surface and displaced water will then be routed into two large drainage ponds behind the development, before it is piped into an open ditch behind the existing Woodend houses."

Added Mr Taylor: "This is also a high flood risk area and existing properties have already been damaged by flooding caused by a blockage in the ditch.

"As this ditch acts as a field drain, no one will be held responsible for its maintenance or be liable for any flood damage caused by the additional water discharged from the proposed housing development. This water will then flow into Jamphlars Pond, which has overflowed in the past causing damage to houses in that area.

"Both the field and Kinglassie Road were completely flooded in August last year. The field then remained flooded until February. The applicant’s flood report also confirms the extent of the flooding and the likelihood of water from the development flowing across Woodend Road into adjoining properties.

"After the recent flooding throughout the country, the head of SEPA has advised local authorities to be wary of building in flood risk areas".

Mr Taylor concluded by saying that nearly 40 objections have been submitted against the proposed development, which is on prime agricultural land, outwith the community boundary. "It is felt that it is totally unsuitable for housing due to the flood risk to both existing and proposed houses. As this site is not allocated for development it could set a precedent for other unplanned development in this area."

The developers feel that the 45 homes would be an important contribution to the need for affordable housing in the county.