SCOTTISH Conservative and Unionist Councillor for Cowdenbeath, Darren Watt, has expressed his anger at the senseless vandalism which has seen Foulford Primary School nursery garden vandalised.

Councillor Watt said: "I am beyond disappointed with the latest bout of needless and destructive behaviour, I'm absolutely furious."

"The nursery garden was created and developed by staff, volunteers and the nursery children themselves, and this would come as a massive blow to them all."

The garden has seen soil thrown around and wooden items broken along with a window.

He added: "Furthermore, the subsequent clean-up and repairs will be a huge financial hit to the education department, especially at a time when precious resources are limited and need to be put to better use and towards more pressing matters.

"I am however proud of the number of parents, local residents and businesses who've contacted me and offered to lend their time and services to get the nursery garden back to it's best in time for children returning in August. It shows great strength and resilience and that we won't allow a few reckless morons to bring us or our community down."

If anyone else would like to come forward and offer support and assistance, contact Councillor Watt directly via email: