A GIFT shop owner wants to put Crossgates back on the map by improving on an old "brown blob" of a mural with a colourful new artwork.

Kathleen Johnstone, who runs Crystal Corner, on Main Street, is hoping to drum up enough support to have a better design on the side of her premises – the current creation has been there for more than 20 years.

She said: "This lockdown has brought everyone together in our braw wee toon and I think doing something to celebrate that would be fantastic.

"Every day I go to work, walk around the corner and I see that brown blob. As you can see it is still lovely but very worn and faded."

A poll on the ‘Crossgates Together’ page is canvassing opinions until the end of July.

It asks whether the mural should be fully re-done, partially upgraded, replaced with a new mural or left as it is.

Kathleen said: "It’s been there for over 20 years and I think it would be a good time now to have something that reflects how we come together as a community.”

She has permission from the owners of the building to enhance or replace the mural and ideas for themes include rainbows, fairies, superheroes and Crossgates Together.

Donna Forrester, from Kelty Street Art, has pledged her support and Kathleen said all opinions would be considered. She added that fundraising will also need to take place.

“I grew up here, but then moved away before returning,” Kathleen said.

“The community spirit was phenomenal when I was young but just seemed to die a death in the 90s.

“But this situation has brought us all together again and I think it is fantastic! I now know neighbours that I’d never spoken to before.”

Maureen Cuthbertson, from Crossgates Community Council, said: “Of course the community council hasn’t been meeting recently but I personally wouldn’t like to see the mural disappear.

“It’s a part of the history of the village and created by former school children and someone that is no longer with us. I would prefer to see it refreshed than painted over.

“There have been some suggestions of murals by other groups too, places like the side of the chip shop and along the football path at Inverkeithing Road.

“These murals are absolutely beautiful in Kelty and Cowdenbeath, but I think all the different groups need to come together to talk about it so it can be fully considered by everyone in the interests of Crossgates future and past.”