TRADING Standards are warning people to beware of a new scam whereby callers are claiming to be from Amazon.

You are asked to install an App on your device that they use to access your personal and financial information.

You should always remember Amazon will NEVER ask you to install an App/give remote access.

Another cold call was recently reported, claiming to be from Amazon’s fraud department and saying that your account has been hacked. The caller says that an iPhone had been ordered and asked for your mobile account details in order to secure a refund.

Said a Trading Standards spokesperson: "Amazon state on their website that they will NEVER call and ask you to install an app or ask for remote access to your computer.

"They advise that if you receive a suspicious call, email or text claiming to be from Amazon which asks for personal information, a payment, or offers a refund you don’t expect, you should not give out any personal information".