THIS week's Down Memory Lane pictures come from a exile, Elaine Smith, formerly of Lochore, who has been in Kent for a good five decades but has some good photographs courtesy of her late mum and dad.

Said Elaine, who is a visitor home twice a year: "I hope everyone in Benarty has been riding out the storm of the the coronavirus well.

"I was clearing out a cupboard and came across these photos.

"The one with the crowd of people in it was taken, I think, in the 1950s on a summer afternoon with spirits high. The barber's shop picture looks to be from the 1930s while the shot of Lochleven Road, Lochore, comes from the same era.

"The one of Lochore Meadows Country Park is a bit later, I think the latter half of 1970s but long before what you see today at the Meedies. Just shows you how it has grown."

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