TWO people were shocked with the excessive illegal dumping they came across last week.

The site at the Energy Park, at Westfield, continues to see all sorts of stuff just thrown out of vans and trucks while even the countryside at Avenue isn’t immune. The Benarty Matters Facebook page had two disgusted posters.

A man was totally bemused by what he found at Westfield, spotting every type of building debris you could think of, along with mattresses and a host other items just simply discarded in the open countryside and leaving an all round terrible mess.

Lorna Minns, said of her find: “Seen this pile of items up the Avenue .. positive it wasn’t there last night.”

Looks like a variety of metal debris in a lovely green setting, which just shouldn’t be there.

In the Times last week, Ross Vettraino, chairman of the Fife Council environment and protective services committee, described the people who carry out this type of illegal dumping as ‘environmental vandals’.

The question the authorities faces with is ‘how do you stop it?’