EARLY on in Lockdown one of Denend Primary School's parents, Nicola Stewart, decided to do something positive for, and with, the Cardenden primary school's community.

Nicola contacted many parents and created a Facebook page, to design with children and families, a Denend Community Rainbow.

Nicola asked families to go on a hunt for images, things in the house, and make these in a different colour each week.

The families sent the photos to her and Nicola created, over a period of a few weeks, a wonderful image of the Denend Community Rainbow.

Said headteacher, Claire Wyatt: "This will become, for the children, a symbol of Lockdown and of the importance of community, especially in challenging times.

"The rainbow also symbolises hope and we can feel 'hopeful' that good times will return to our school, village and country".

Added Claire: "The Parent Council are going to fund a large sign image to be installed on a wall in the playground.

"The school are also going to display the image on a large canvas inside the building, with posters in every class.

"I am very proud of the Denend Community for creating this and we look forward to enjoying creation for many years to come".