THE work of staff at the Victoria Hospital, in Kirkcaldy, impressed a Crossgates beautician so much she decided to make donations of gift packs.

Victoria Greig's late mother-in-law had spent quite a time in Ward 51, at the end of a long illness, and their efforts impressed the whole family who raised several thousand pounds, which saw a number of items purchased to help the patients and staff of the ward.

However, as the Covid-19 crisis saw the teams at the Vic battling hard to help hundreds of people, many from the local area, who suffered coronavirus, the woman who runs Victoria Greig Temple Spa, felt she wanted to do something more for the hospital staff.

She explained: "When my mother-in-law was in Ward 51 the unbelievably committed way the nurses and doctors went about giving patients the first class care which made such a difference to them, was so impressive.

"When the coronavirus struck the stories coming back from the Vic about the quality of care in a frantic time at the hospital and it was really something that made me want to give them care packs which could help them relax."

The beauty therapist, whose Facebook therapy business is at is, added: "When many of my clients found out what I was doing they wanted to contribute to the cause and I was able to get 90 of the packs, which compose of shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and balm to ease tired limbs, to take to the hospital".

Initially the donation was just for Ward 51 but she was able to get hold of 90 of the packs which were well received by staff of other words.

Added Victoria: "Everybody was so generous, it just snowballed and I was able to give to other wards as well and I have to thank all my clients who supported the cause."

Victoria is pictured presenting the packs to Senior Charge nurse for Ward 51, Val Turner, and one of her staff, who ensured that these were passed on to deserving people who have faced a really busy time.

Due to lockdown Victoria has been carrying out online sessions for clients, but she hopes it might not be long before she is able to meet them all in the flesh once again.