PROBLEMS with illegal dumping at Westfield has continued over the past few weeks.

Last month several areas near the developing Energy Park were found to have a variety of items just thrown into the countryside.

There were travellers in one of the fields near the former opencast mining site recently and all sorts of items have been found dumped in bushes.

The issue was highlighted on the Benarty Matters Community Facebook Page.

Craig Innes posted: "Has anyone seen the mess left at Westfield Energy Park where the caravans were parked? The photos don't do it justice. Loads of bushes and trees and other junk."

The debris dumped at the side of the road includes dozens of plastic bags and containers along with Calor gas cannisters and general debris.

Ryan Green posted that the area where the old rail tracks ran has always suffered from illegal dumping.

It will take considerable time and effort from a Fife Council team to clean up the mess.